Monday, 27 October 2008


The results are in:

Total Waste: Down from 32.5 kg to 12.3 kg
Recycling: Up from 69% to 94%

Waste to landfill: Down from 10.25kg to 0.75 kg !!!!!!!

At the start of the week we wanted to reduce our waste to landfill by 50%....we smashed this target and reduced it by 93%


Rae said...

well done on a brilliant result! That sound encourage others to take the plunge and have a go.

very inspiring stuff :)

Almost Mrs Average said...

Congratulations to you and the family on a fantastic outcome. It's great to have had another blogger sharing details and showing what's possible. Best wishes, Karen

bin diver kate said...

Wow you did graphs and everything! Very impressive and good to see another family showing it can be done! Congratulations on your success!